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Sex Adir

Sex Adir: The best place for enjoying quality time in Israel
Discreet apartments for unlimited fun
At Sex Adir, you can enjoy the company of beautiful women in a private and discreet manner. You have the ultimate number of choices of gorgeous Israel escorts who can fulfill all your desires. When you want to escape from the dull and monotonous daily life, come to Sex Adir and choose from nationwide selection of hot Israel escort for massage only. All in the comforts of discreet apartments to ensure that you have peace of mind.
The escort in Israel who are enlisted in our panel are the most exotic and youngest in their field. They have all the unique tools and techniques that are necessary to make the time you spend with them absolutely unforgettable. Forget about the tensions of the outside world when you enter the exotic discreet apartments to meet your very own Israeli escort.
The escorts in Tel Aviv are fabulously beautiful and well maintained. With beautiful bodies and gorgeous faces, they are sure to liven up your evening and make it memorable. Add excitement and color to your daily lives in a discreet and private manner with the most exotic escorts in the Bat-Yam, Holon. No matter what your age and preference, at Sex Adir, you can find the perfect match to make your intimate evening extraordinary.
Your privacy is our number one priority
We understand that you value your privacy. That is why Sex Adir offers you the choice of setting up your intimate meeting at a venue that is most comfortable for you. You can meet your escorts at a private home, pay-by-the-hour motel rooms, hotels or any other place that you feel comfortable.
Most people opt for having their exotic escorts come all the way to them as a sexy visitor. This is not only a thrilling experience but also ensures that you get the maximum amount of privacy. At Sex Adir, we put your need for discretion and privacy first. Something that you won’t get anywhere else. Set up the intimate meeting at the location and time that you see fit.
Enjoy quality private time with your beautiful Israeli escort in the comforts of the venue and time that you have selected.
High quality discreet apartments in Israel
Discreet apartments are available in most of the areas in Israel. You might even have crossed them without knowing while driving through the city. Then how do you find these private apartments? If you have had a friend visit one such apartment, he may be able to give you the location and contact. Or you can ask from your cab driver or select from the numerous pamphlets and cards that are distributed across the city.
But will you get the peace of mind about meeting the most beautiful escort? Is there any guarantee about the discrete apartments? Also, the process of searching through different cards and advertisements can be tiring. That is why, at Sex Adir, we have brought all the discreet apartments in Israel and listed them together to help make your job easier.
You can easily check out the locations from across the city and pick the one that best suits your preferences. Set up instant meetings with thrilling and beautiful escorts who are waiting to cater to your every need. Just search by your desired location and pick from a wide range of high quality private apartments for your intimate experience.
Turn your fantasies into reality with Sex Adir
So many men search for good quality discreet apartments to lighten their moods and keep away the pressures of their daily lives. Some of the men are also looking to fulfill their longtime desires and fantasies. Whatever you desire, blondes, brunettes, dark-skinned, mature women, native Israelis, Ethiopians or any other to fulfill your dreams, you can meet them through Sex Adir.
With a single click of your mouse, you can turn all your fantasies into reality with your gorgeous companion for the evening. Bring some color into your life and have an evening that you will remember for a long time. Reach out to the hottest Israeli escorts easily and enjoy full relaxation in their intimate company.
Highest quality of hospitality guaranteed
At Sex Adir, not only do you get to enjoy your evening with the most beautiful escorts, but you can also do so in the comforts of high quality discreet apartments. All the apartments listed in our website are equipped with all the modern amenities and accessories. The facilities at the apartments are designed to meet all your requirements and ensure that you have a great evening with your exotic companion.
You can enjoy the pleasures of an intimate shower with your lady friend for the evening at these apartments. Most of the apartments in our website also come equipped with a well-stocked and fully functional kitchenette.
Unsure whether it is the right option for you? Many men do prefer to have their escorts visit them at their homes. However, a discreet apartment is possibly the best choice of venue for getting an erotic massage. This is because a hotel or your own home cannot guarantee the level of privacy and security that you can have at these apartments.
You can even have a closer look at any of the apartments before you set up the meeting. Just call up any of the names mentioned and set up your visit. Whichever area you prefer, whenever you are comfortable. Once you have seen the high level of quality of the apartments, you can book your special intimate evening with a gorgeous escort waiting to provide the best intimate services for you.
Many choices at your fingertips
Worried about what is going to happen if a discreet apartment you called didn’t answer or is booked for the date and time you want? Just relax!
There are plenty of other apartments waiting for you in the same region. Check the listed ads for the area of your choice and call to set up your booking. We recommend you ask questions about the facilities and also discuss your expectations before you book the apartment. This way you will not be disappointed at the time of the meeting.
You can also check out the photos of the apartments before you decide to book. These are real and verified photos that will help you decide the apartment for your sensual evening.
What happens at the discreet apartments?
These are places where you can meet to get to know them more intimately. You can enjoy quality one on one intimate time with an attractive and sensual girl without the presence of anyone else. Unlike spas and massage places, discreet apartments provide you with privacy and exclusivity.
Get to know your beautiful companion as you chat, sip some wine that you have brought, listen to music or simply enjoy an erotic massage. Whatever you want to do, your hostess will be happy to oblige.
How long can I spend with my companion?
There is no limit to how much time you can spend in the discrete apartments. Whether it is one hour, two hours or even longer, it completely depends upon how long you book your apartment for.
It also depends on the chemistry between you and your sensual friend. If you have sizzling chemistry and the girl also has free time, then you can easily extend the amount of time you can spend with her.
Some of our clients have such a good chemistry with their hostesses that they embark on an exciting relationship that goes beyond the bounds of a client – service provider association. You can continue this relationship temporarily or on a long-term basis.
Let the chemistry between you and your companion be the deciding factor in this aspect.
Choose who you want to meet at the discreet apartments
Sex Adir offers you the most beautiful women from lots of different backgrounds. Browse through our panel of escorts and find someone who you like. Whatever are your criteria, you can select your companion to suit your tastes and preferences.
Some men prefer their companions to be experienced and mature. They find them to be more attractive and alluring. Then there are others who like young and vivacious girls who are fun loving and easy going.
Apart from age, there are also other factors that can impact your choice. You may want a native Israeli escort whereas others may have a preference for women from other parts of the world. Whoever you desire to make your evening a pleasurable and memorable experience, you can meet at one of the many discreet apartments that are listed in our website.
Are the discreet apartments found only in some areas?
The answer to this question is no. Discreet apartments are scattered all over the world. You just need to find them. Such private apartments can be found all across Israel. Whether you are looking for one in the North, the Center, the South or in Jerusalem, we have just the perfect choices for you. There are hundreds of luxuriously appointed private apartments from across Israel listed in our website for you to select from.
In most cities of Israel, you can find apartments with gracious hostesses who are waiting to give you discreet and intimate company. However, you need to keep in mind that in some cities there may be a low selection of companions. In this case, you can always check an alternate area. The bigger the city you select, your choices become more varied.
Some pointers to make your intimate evening more memorable
When setting up a private appointment with a discreet hostess, one key aspect you need to remember is that everyone’s time is valuable and expensive. Your companion would like to spend some time getting herself and the apartment ready for your special time. She is waiting eagerly for you to come and relax with her.
When you set a time for your meeting, remember to be punctual and arrive on time. Your hostess is as excited about the evening as you are. She will likely dress up specially for you to make your evening more exciting and pleasurable.
Don’t disregard the value of your hostess’ time and efforts. Reach your discreet apartment on time and avoid last minute cancellations unless its an absolute necessity. No one likes to be left disappointed.
Make some small gestures of kindness
Even though you are taking the service of a service provider, you can always make things pleasant by bringing something for your companion. It can be something small like a bottle of wine, some flowers or even chocolates. You may even bring some food for the two of you to share during your private meeting.
These pleasant gestures are sure to ignite the chemistry between the two of you and set the mood for an evening of pleasure and delight. Don’t forget to take care with your appearance when you are coming for the meeting.
Think of it as a date with your girlfriend. Shower and groom yourself and wear clean and tidy clothes. If you are unable to take a shower before you come, the discreet apartments are equipped with intimate showers that you can avail.
Little gestures like these will go a long way in setting the mood for your sensual evening.
How much in advance should you book your meeting?
There is no hard and fast rule regarding how soon you should book your meeting with your hostess. Sex Adir recommends that you call and book on the same day as you wish to meet. Make sure to call a few hours before your desired time to let your hostess get herself and the apartment ready for your visit.
You can also book your meeting a day in advance if you are coming from another area. This will ensure that you don’t face the disappointment of non-availability at the last moment.
However, you can always call the apartments listed on our board till you find an available apartment if you are trying to book at the last minute.
There is a good chance that you will be able to find more than one hostess available in comfortable discreet apartment who will be ready to meet you at short notice. This is more possible in the big cities with plenty of choices.
How discreet are the apartments?
It is natural to be worried about the safety and security of your privacy when you are visiting a discreet apartment. But with Sex Adir you don’t have to worry about it at all. There is absolutely no documentation of your visit and no forms that you have to fill.
Just call and book your meeting and arrive at the venue that you have finalized. Unless you and your companion exchange contact numbers or set up a future meeting, they will never contact you.
Unless you tell anyone about it, no one will ever come to know of your intimate meeting with your hostess. The apartments listed in our boards offer refreshing and pleasurable experiences for discerning clients with top priority on discretion, unlike many of the other ads that you may find strewn around the city.
Discover the pleasures of erotic massage
If the pressures of daily life are becoming too much for you to handle, you can try a sensual massage done by beautiful hostesses to lighten your mood. Feel pampered and relaxed in luxurious settings with the most gorgeous girls in Israel.
Feel on top of the world as these gorgeous women take care of your every need and desire. At Sex Adir you can find girls with features that will set the butterflies fluttering in your stomach.
Find the perfect hostess to give you a discreet erotic massage that will take away the dullness and tensions of daily life.
The erotic masseuses use the very best quality sensual massage oils to give you the best experience. You can select from one of the deluxe spas in our board or opt for your erotic masseuse to come to your home or hotel. You can also choose to take the luxuries of a sensual massage by hot and beautiful girls in the privacy of a discreet apartment.
Decide the venue as per your preference and comfort and relax as your sexy companion make you feel like royalty.
Explore the world of sensual pleasures in a discreet environment
Give your regular life some zing with an evening spent in the company of some of the hottest Israeli escorts. Guaranteed peace of mind with absolute discretion for all your intimate meetings.
Luxurious and deluxe private apartments that have all the equipment and furnishing to give you the ultimate pleasurable experience. Hot women from various backgrounds can be contacted through our board who are adept at fulfilling all your sensual desires.
Don’t be fooled by the numerous ads that you can see across Israel. Choose only the best and most discreet apartments in any part of Israel to make your life interesting and fun.  
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